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ACDSee Pro (Mac) Publisher's Description

ACDSee Pro combines a professional grade camera and photo editor with all the tools you need to produce stunning photographs. Edit Perfect your photos with a powerful, nondestructive photo editor with RAW processing. Collage Convenient collage maker for sharing your memories. Quickly combine multiple photos into a single image for easy sharing. Choose from over layouts. Manual Controls Precisely control exposure, focus and white balance, including a custom white balance preset.

Real-time overexposure and underexposure visualization. Real-time Adjustments See brightness, contrast, vibrance, sharpness, clarity, skin tune and vignette adjustments in real time and add additional noise reduction during capture. Exposure Bracketing Capture three exposures at once at different exposure levels. HDR Fusion Combine three shots taken at different exposures to create a single image with high dynamic range, with manual override of composition parameters.

Flash Fusion Combine a naturally-illuminated capture with a flash-illuminated capture. Video Mode Capture those special moments with video and apply filters and adjustments in real-time. All modes work with either the rear-facing or the front-facing camera. Focus and Exposure Touch to select focus and exposure point. For more precise control, independently select focus and exposure points.

Cropping modes Crop before you shoot to square, , , and aspect ratio. Independent settings for front and rear cameras, still photo and video modes.

Level Indicator Compose your shots with precise alignment using a dual-axis level indicator. Use gradients and brushes to mask adjustments.

Focus Bring your subject into focus. Simulate a shallow depth of field by blurring the background. Vignette Adds a vignette effect around the edges of your photo. Geometry Crop, rotate, straighten, and mirror your photo. I often want to dive into my archives and pull out a specific photo, and when you're taking tens of thousands of images every year, that's trickier than it sounds.

With this, however, it very quickly shows you thumbnails just big enough that you can tell exactly what the shot was and locate anything in seconds. This is a real selling point for me and anyone who has large libraries of images. The view mode is a more thorough section, where you can go through images one by one with the files at a far larger size. This is a typical function for processing software, but it edges the competition by again employing impressive speed with little-to-no buffering in the tests I run.

Develop mode is the backbone to all raw, non-destructive editing software.

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ACDSee Pro 8 Review: Searching for Alternatives - Photography Life

In ACDSee Ultimate , you can make all the sweeping changes to your images you could want, as well as the localized alterations using masks. There are also tools for sharpening, noise reduction, and a specialized skin tuning section. It isn't going to be particularly useful for beauty retouching, but for weddings and large batches of images with people or even multiple people, this can be a useful timesaver.

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  • ACDSee Pro for Mac 5.0.1017.

The Edit mode is where the all-in-one solution comes into effect. For me, with Lightroom, I would always import batches of images, fine-tune each image, then export them for Photoshop. There are many familiar functions for those who are used to Photoshop. You have an array of adjustment layers complete with masks, as well as action sets for completing the more common tasks. One noteworthy feature is Pixel Selector, which is similar to a blend of a few different Photoshop functions you may already be aware of and use.

However, it is significantly easier, more intuitive, and quicker to use, allowing you to alter colors and areas of your image. The interface of any software in this area has a lot to do.

by ACD Systems International

ACDSee does it well by keeping it as simple and as clinical as it can be. In fact, if I were to be pushed for a criticism of it, that would be it: it looks a touch dated. However, what it might lack in shine, it more than makes up for in customizability. Anything that speeds up a photographer's workflow is going to be valuable. I have always considered Lightroom to be sluggish even on my PC, which is above and beyond what is needed. However, in the same light, it could be the genius behind the smoother and quicker workflow with significantly less memory required to run.

So, what was my experience of the performance? The importing felt the same sort of speed as Lightroom, perhaps marginally quicker, but I think that's gated by a number of factors outside of software like card reader, card, USB, and so on. That is, ACDSee accesses your drives directly and bypasses importing the files into a catalog. ACDSee still has an import function, but that is merely copying your files from your card reader over to your local hard drive, and not storing duplicates of the files in its own database.

The EXIF data is always useful, but you could argue the preview is superfluous unless you have your files listed in folders without preview icons generated. It has a wealth of applications and can drastically smooth and speed up your workflow. It's a very powerful way of indexing images. This is an important topic with most artists not having huge disposable budgets to dish out for software. Pricing is also an area to discuss that's becoming more and more frustrating, particularly with Adobe.

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I pay for an Adobe CC subscription, which covers lots of software. Some people prefer to buy the software outright, which isn't an option for Lightroom CC, and so like many others, I was forced to pay monthly.

It's thoroughly infuriating. Fortunately, with all of ACDSee's products, the pricing is easier, and cheaper. Also, their business plans don't go up in price tenfold like their competitors, but only a couple of dollars per month, per user. The file management and presentation of those files, coupled with the impressive speed at which the software works are a huge draw to it.

If the price of the software was around the same as Lightroom CC, I'd focus on this as almost its USP over the all-in-one image processing, but it's great value means it has appeal to a wide range of photographers. Change is uncomfortable, particularly when you're so used to a certain way of doing things, but time saved is money saved, and money saved is You can get a day free trial to see for yourself, by clicking here. In Robert's work on plagiarism in photography was published as part of several universities' photography degree syllabuses.

ACDSee has features Its a shame that ACDSee went this path, since most users just want viewer without catalog capabilities. No editing or organizing or anything really other then really really quick pic viewer.

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

Lightroom certainly it is not. Pretty sure the dude in the manage mode video was mocking my cousin from The Hamptons. Not cool dude. The problem that all of these DAM's are going to face is that they're so late to the party People have had YEARS working in Lightroom, building their catalogs with edits, developing familiarity with the interface and muscle memory in regard to hotkeys.