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For the longest time, I couldn't find a cheaper alternative. For all my other brushes, I could easily find an alternative that wouldn't cost as much. Fluffy blending brushes, shader brushes of all sizes and densities, angle brushes, liner brushes, pencil brushes, you name it, I could find one that I didn't have to spend a fortune on.

MAC 217 DUPES - Reviews & Recommendations - Wayne Goss, Zoeva, Morphe, Hakuhodo...

As much as I love MAC, I just couldn't bring myself to shell out the money for a brush I could find somewhere else that was also a good quality and friendlier on my wallet. In fact, the only MAC brush I own is the , and that was after an intense and failed search for a suitable alternative. If you are like me, and just love your , or if you've been wanting to try it but just couldn't justify the price what if you didn't like it after spending that much?

There are now some great dupes out there that will save you lots of cash. I have the travel sized E25 and I think I may actually like it better than my original Here's why, it's softer and a bit fluffier. As much as I adore my , I feel it can sometimes be a bit scratchy not crazy scratchy, but just a tiny bit.

Now, I have discovered that if I wash my brush often, it doesn't get scratchy, but I have to do the deep cleaning as in using baby shampoo not brush cleaning spray.


I don't have a problem with this, but sometimes I'm in a hurry and forget to clean it. I use the brush so often, I can't have it on the counter drying and not be able to use it Gasp! Enter the new brush. With two of them and one at a fraction of the price I can alternate between the two while the other one is being cleansed. But I digress; the E25 is definitely softer, even when it's not as ideally clean as it should be.

Photo credit: Sigmabeauty. But, call me cheap, I'd still prefer to pay less if I can.

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Imagine my joy when I received my weekly email from Coastal Scents announcing its sales and saw that brushes were on sale and in the photo I saw a brush that looked just like the I had no idea that Coastal Scents had this brush! I was able to find short-handle and long-handle dupes from a variety of brands. First up is the shorter handled brushes. These are ideal for personal use, and I specifically recommend these for those who like to sit close to a mirror while applying eyeshadow.

From left to right above : M. If you are a professional makeup artist, you may prefer a longer handle.

MAC 217 Blending Brush: Review and Dupe

Don't worry, I've got you covered! I also have a group of brushes I call my "not quite brushes. Some are wider, bigger, smaller or just different enough to not quite pass as a dupe. In the same category, I must give honorable mention to the dual sided brush from Urban Decay that comes with some of their Naked Palettes:. While the tip is not tapered like the , it is very similar in nearly every other way.

It is important to note that I like this style of brush so much, that I own multiples across several of the brands.

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I just prefer the Zoeva one a little more because the bristles of the brush are a little softer. I also like this brush for my crease to apply a transition shade. But I do like it for blending out concealer or cream or powder highlight, too. The bristles of this brush are very soft. It is also pretty fluffy so perfect for a transition shade. The bristles are very soft, too. It is very soft and fluffy.

The bristles are longer than on other blending brushes. The brush is dense but because of the long bristles it still blends out eyeshadow nicely. SIGMA E25 : This is one of my favorite brushes if I want more precision in my crease but still want to blend the eyeshadow at the same time. I think this brush is a dupe to the MAC — and it is also cruelty free.

I have this brush multiple times because I love it so much! I really like it if I want to deepen my outer corner.

Sigma Beauty Blending Brush - E25 Review | Nykaa

I mainly use this brush to blend out eyeshadow on my lower lashline. This brush is super soft. I really like this one because of its pointed tip. Again I love it for precise blending and eyeshadow application in the crease and outer corner. It is dense enough to place the eyeshadow exactly where you want it but it is also a little bit fluffy to blend the eyeshadow at the same time, too.

It is also a really good brush if you need more precision with blending out eyeshadows. It is a little bigger and more fluffy than the other brushes in the picture. A very soft and amazing brush. So I love it to place eyeshadow precisely on my lid.

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It works amazing with powder eyeshadows and also with cream products. You can also cut the crease with eyeshadow with this brush because of its density.