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7 macOS Mojave Slow Performance Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Note: This page may look different depending on whether or not you have signed into Chrome. Then choose Content Settings and find the label for Flash. Some people are avid proponents of extensions, gladly installing anything they think will help. This will open a new tab listing all of your extensions. Then, relaunch Chrome and see how things run.

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  • Google Chrome Running Slow on Mac? Keep Calm and Fix It!
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If you see an improvement, you know one of your extensions is to blame and can systematically enable and disable them to figure out which it is. Has all else failed to fix your slow Chrome problem? This is also fairly easy to check, and you have a couple different options to do so. The first result will be an option to run the test.

Once you do, your results will show in a small box and will even help you determine if your internet is performing up to par. You can compare any results to this internet speed chart that will identify whether or not yours is performing as advertised. In this case, all you need is a Wi-Fi repeater like this one from TP-Link to extend your WiFi network for ultimate performance and coverage.

A slow browser is the bane of modern existence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Solution 3: Come up with a new Chrome User Profile. By developing another Chrome user profile, you obtain a chance to overcome the problems of the corrupted previous profile. Begin with shutting down the browser. Solution 4: Mind the permissions. In many cases, that is the basic thing that provokes the crash of Google Chrome.

Solution 5: Reinstall Google Chrome. It is a measure of last resort — try the rest of the tips first. Stick to the instructions below:. The best way to keep various types of the cache from piling up is running regular disk cleanups. If you wish, you may schedule regular cleaning operations with the selected cleaner — this way, the junk will not have a chance.

Part 2: How to Fix The Problem That Chrome Is Running Slow?

Toggle Navigation. Google Chrome Running Slow on Mac? Keep Calm and Fix It. A similar case is an outdated version of operating system.

Google Chrome EXTREMELY slow on Mac OS X

Without proper updates, neither your Mac nor Google Chrome will function properly. The first line will reveal the specific Chrome version number. Another cause of the fail might be YouTube and some other video-related platforms. If Chrome crashes only when you attempt to watch a video online, that is the clue. A user will lose the entire information he did not manage to save before the crash and reboot.

Experts recommend pressing the Save button in the opened documents to prevent them from being erased after the crash.

Google Chrome gets bigger and bloated with every new update. The result is the severe performance issues caused by the great share of CPU the browser requires to operate. Various junk files stored in the browser e.

Method 1 – Cache, History, Extensions

That is a solution already, so it is time to move to the easy and more complicated ways to make Chrome lightning fast on Mac. Restart the browser. Install Chrome Canary — a future developer edition of Google Chrome with the most recent updates and extra features. Are you ready to read about the methods to revive Google Chrome on Mac in details? More on How to Speed up Chrome on Mac No matter if the Google Chrome browser crashes, freezes, stops working in the middle of work, or just will not launch, you should remember several good solutions.

To find out whether any updates are on the market: take the offered steps: Launch Google Chrome. Push the burger menu button the three-dots one.

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10+ Ways to Speed up Google Chrome for Mac or PC - MacTip

Launch Finder. Launch Terminal and enter sudo rm —Rf in a command line. Restart Chrome and watch the progress. Stick to the instructions below: Uninstall Google from Mac.