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Best disk cloning software for cloning USB flash drive on Mac

What it means is that a block copy copies everything in a data block from one device to the other. The results are almost an exact copy of the original.

A file copy, on the other hand, copies data file by file, and while the file data remains the same, the location of the file on the source and destination devices will likely be very different. Using a block copy is faster, but it does have some limits that affect when it can be used, the most important being that copying block by block requires that both the source and destination devices be first unmounted from your Mac.

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This ensures that block data doesn't change during the copy process. But it does mean that neither the source nor the destination can be in use when you use the Restore capabilities. If you need to clone your startup drive, you can make use of either your Mac's Recovery HD volume or any drive that has a bootable copy of OS X installed. We'll provide information about how to use the Recovery HD Volume to clone your startup drive, but first, we'll look at the steps in cloning a non-startup drive attached to your Mac.

Drive-cloning utilities: The best Mac apps for making a bootable backup

The Disk Utility app will open, displaying a single window divided into three spaces: a toolbar, a sidebar showing currently mounted drives and volumes, and an info pane, showing information about the currently selected device in the sidebar. If the Disk Utility app looks different from this description, you may be using an older version of the Mac OS.

The volume you select will be the destination drive for the Restore operation. A sheet will drop down, asking you to select from a drop-down menu the source device to use for the Restore process. The sheet will also warn you that the volume you selected as the destination will be erased, and its data will be replaced with data from the source volume.

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Use the drop-down menu next to the "Restore from" text to select a source volume, and then click the Restore button. The Restore process will begin. A new drop-down sheet will display a status bar indicating how far along in the Restore process you are.

You can also see detailed information by clicking the Show Details disclosure triangle. Click Done to close the Restore sheet.

Generally, booting from an external drive will be slower, even with new Thunderbolt and USB-C drives. Those are still much slower than the solid state drives SSDs found in most new Macs.

But, if you choose your external drive as the restore target, you can flip that action around and copy files from your main drive to the backup. When Disk Utility is done, you can shut down your Mac and hold down Option when booting it back up.

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This brings up the boot switcher and lets you boot from the external hard drive. You can do the same process in reverse if you need to copy the files back over, or restore the backup should your computer decide to break.

How to Clone an Existing Drive - iFixit Repair Guide

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Virtualising a physical Mac/hard disk/clone/disk image file

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