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Some just offer a simple Mac-specific antivirus tool. Others include Mac protection in a cross-platform suite. McAfee is unusual in that all the security products, from antivirus to feature-packed mega-suite, support multiple platforms. That bounty of protection helps us overlook the fact that the testing labs don't certify McAfee's protection on macOS, and that Windows users get a raft of features that don't carry over to the Mac.

How to install your McAfee software on macOS

As with many cross-platform security products, McAfee starts the installation process online. You log in or create your account, enter your registration code, and download to your Mac. During the process, you receive a serial number.

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Don't lose that number! If you must reinstall the software on this same device, you'll need that number, not the registration code. View All 10 Photos in Gallery. This pledge means that if malware gets past an existing McAfee installation, McAfee's trained experts will remotely remediate the problem. If the experts can't fix the problem, McAfee refunds your purchase. You must sign up for automatic subscription renewal to get this pledge, but that seems reasonable. You can read my review of McAfee AntiVirus Plus for details on what you get with the other platforms.

Briefly, the Windows edition is loaded with features not found on the Mac, the Android edition offers both antivirus and antitheft, and the iOS edition as expected is relatively feature-limited. The layouts and color schemes of the Mac and Windows editions track very closely. Both have a simple menu across the top and a panel at left that shows security status and lists your protected devices. The rest of the main window is mostly whitespace, with some buttons at the bottom that access useful features. And while both include a button to scan for viruses, the Windows edition also displays buttons to remove trackers, speed up your apps, and check for app updates.

Of course, you can also get antivirus protection for your Mac with zero cash outlay by choosing Avira Free Antivirus for Mac or Sophos Home, both of which are free. Norton's support for the current macOS and the two previous versions means it supports Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave. The teams of researchers and testers at independent antivirus testing labs can throw a lot of resources at the task of determining the efficacy of an antivirus tool. I follow four such labs for my Windows antivirus reviews, and two of those also release regular reports on Mac antivirus.

Since my hands-on testing setup, developed over a period of years, is mostly Windows-based, those two sets of lab results are especially important to my Mac antivirus reviews.

How to Uninstall McAfee on Mac Completely and Safely

When I first evaluated McAfee's macOS product a few years ago, it had certification from AV-Comparatives, with percent detection of Mac malware and 94 percent detection of Windows malware. More recently, McAfee doesn't appear in the test results from this lab. Nor has it been included in test reports from AV-Test Institute. All earned top scores from both labs. Kaspersky came close, missing out by one-half point from AV-Test. Like most Mac antivirus tools, McAfee aims to detect and remove any Windows malware it encounters.

My collection runs the gamut from barely risky potentially unwanted applications, or PUAs, to pernicious ransomware. Strangely, McAfee reported detecting about three times as many threats as there were files on the drive. Judging from its report, and the files that remained, it wiped out 57 percent, down from 72 percent with the previous sample collection. Windows malware can't do any harm on a Mac, so I don't slap down a product that fares poorly in this simple test.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac)

ClamXAV doesn't promise to detect Windows malware, but even so, it quarantined 43 percent of my samples. Most of the Mac antivirus utilities I've evaluated offer two kinds of scans: a quick scan that looks for active malware and checks the most likely areas for infestation, and a full scan that covers your entire computer.

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McAfee sticks with the full scan, along with the custom scan I mentioned. I observed that while the full scan displays what looks like a progress bar, it isn't. The only indication of progress is the ever-increasing number of items scanned. McAfee's time for a full scan is slower than the current average of 39 minutes, but still not bad. Trend Micro also proved speedy, with 10 minutes for a full scan. If you don't do anything, you'll still get a regular full scan. You can turn off scheduled scanning, or change it to daily or monthly, but you can't add multiple scheduled scans.

How to activate and install McAfee Security from Bell on my computer

If you're an evil web designer rather than an evil coder, phishing is just the crime for you. All you need to do is create a website that perfectly mimics a sensitive site and find a way to entice clicks on that site. When an unsuspecting user logs in to your fake site, you grab the credentials and own the account. You can now use those credentials to, say, log into the victim's bank and transfer funds.

For my Windows antiphishing tests, I use a small utility that lets me launch a suspected phishing URL and click a button to indicate the product blocked it, the product missed it, or the page wasn't a proper phishing fraud after all. I use the utility to launch the same collection of URLs against the phishing protection built into Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and on a system protected by the antivirus under test.

I tested the Windows and macOS editions simultaneously. The two editions didn't behave identically, though their scores were very close.

How to Install Mcafee Antivirus?

Both lucked out by missing a few URLs that got tossed because one of the other browsers couldn't load the page. Every sample the Windows edition missed, the macOS version caught, and vice versa. The 98 percent score by the macOS edition is excellent.

go here Only Bitdefender, with 99 percent, and Kaspersky, with percent, have done better in recent Mac-centered tests. Bitdefender and Kaspersky earned the same scores when tested on Windows. A typical personal firewall performs two tasks. First, it guards against attack by outside agencies. Second, it manages network permissions to make sure local programs don't misuse the network. In the past, McAfee handled both tasks, but as of last year the Application Control component is no longer present.

My contact at McAfee explained "This was a business decision, based on usage relative to the cost of maintenance. On a public network, the firewall allows all outgoing traffic but blocks unsolicited incoming traffic. If you flag the network as Home or Work, it allows unsolicited incoming traffic from within the local network. If you're a total network wizard, you can click Manage Rules in the firewall's settings dialog. There are multiple ways of uninstalling McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac, and we will discuss each of them in the following sections.

If McAfee Endpoint Protection is currently running, you should quit this app first. After all these preparations, you can carry out one of the uninstall methods listed below to thoroughly remove McAfee Endpoint Protection as well as all its traces. Have tried the regular uninstall way but encountered failure?

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How about uninstalling McAfee Endpoint Protection within a few clicks? A lightweight, handy utility could help you complete this task painlessly. Osx Uninstaller is capable of quickly locating each component of target app and thoroughly deleting them all in a few seconds. In our test, Osx Uninstaller works perfectly in fully uninstalling McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac, and the whole process last less than one minute to complete. As you can see in the video, McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac can be easily removed from macOS and all you do is to click, click and click.

Just a piece of cake. If you decide to uninstall an app without using any third-party tool, you are supposed to sign in as an administrator on your Mac, and you will be prompted to provide the administrator password during the uninstallation. Now here we go. The drag-to-delete method works for almost all apps in all versions of Mac OS X. If you cannot move the app to the Trash, reboot your Mac and then uninstall it again. So, do the followings:. Warning : the act of emptying the Trash is irrevocable, and everything dropped in the Trash will be deleted instantly and permanently.

Most security software comes with a dedicated uninstall tool that can be used to effectively uninstall the app itself.

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Novice users are not suggested to adopt this option. If you carry out the uninstallation by the second or third way, you will need to do extra work, i. To achieve thorough removal, you can continue with the following steps to search for any related items.

How to Uninstall McAfee on Mac OS X?

If other app components or system files are deleted mistakenly, those affected app or even the macOS could not work normally.